Everything Knotty About Satin

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Welcome to this edition of "Everything Knotty".

(Actually the first edition)

Today we will talk about satin headwear and its benefits. Satin is great for all hair types. Satin headwear can be satin bonnets, satin-lined bonnet wraps, headwraps, caps, hats, beanies, and more.

Sleeping in satin headwear can not only preserve the hairstyle but also promotes overall healthy hair.

How you may ask?

1. Prevents breakage and split ends.

Sleeping on cotton absorbs moisture and dries out the hair. Friction between cotton absorption and dry hair causes tangling, thinning, breakage, and split ends.

2. Maintains Moisture

Gone are the days of dry hair and scalp. Wearing satin keeps your hair hydrated and moisturize.

3. Preserves Hairstyles

Satin keeps hair soft, tangle-free, frizz-free, and shake and go ready.

Try a few of our satin- line products today.


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