Nezko Reversible Satin

Nezko Reversible Satin

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Are there any anime fans here? Show your pride with this beautifully crafted bonnet. These anime inspired bonnets are a great way to protect hair and fine edges throughout the night or whenever decided to be worn.




All bonnets comes with drawstring and stopper for easy adjusting. The band is webbed elastic wrapped in satin to ensure long lasting elasticity and saving those edges.


With a little tug if the drawstring, the bonnets will stay on all night. 




All bonnets from Believe It Or Knot are handmade and built to last. 




NOTE******The color of bonnets may vary on different screens. 




WARNING****Stopper and drawstring can be choke Hazard for small children. Parents can easily remove this.






Machine wash in cold water in a garment bag or hand wash. Dry flat.


Size: Adult